Industry associations

Shtokman Development AG cooperates with various non-profit industry organizations and associations. Among these are the Murmanshelf Association of Murmansk Oil and Gas Suppliers, Sozvezdye Association of Archangel Oil and Gas Suppliers, Scientific and Industrial Association of Pipeline Valve Manufacturers, Association of Compressor and Pneumatic Equipment Manufacturers, Russian Association of Pump Manufacturers, and the Union of Oil and Gas Equipment Manufacturers. In addition, Shtokman Development AG welcomes cooperation with foreign supplier associations with a view to promoting international cooperation. These would be industry associations in France, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, Scotland and other countries. Shtokman Development AG intends to expand and strengthen its cooperation with Russian and foreign industry associations during Phase 1 implementation of the Shtokman project. Please click on the links below for the official websites of some of the above associations.