Requirements for companies

SDAG requirements are the same for all companies regardless of their country of origin, both at prequalification and tender stages. The key contractor selection criteria for the Shtokman project are:

  • Guaranteed high HSEQ standards
  • Equipment compliance with project technical specifications
  • Similar work experience
  • High reliability of equipment or services provided
  • Quality control and quality assurance of equipment/services
  • Financial stability
  • Qualified personnel
  • Cost and completion times

Major factors in the selection process are also company reputation and English-speaking personnel. Project management skills would be an added bonus. Shtokman Development AG welcomes and supports, through its own and joint initiatives, the striving by Russian companies to improve and develop their own technologies, resources, equipment, and business methods in order to improve their competitiveness for the Shtokman project and on the international market. This includes adopting modern international oil and gas industry practices, working on international contracts, studying and applying international standards, and obtaining international certifications.

The detailed technical and other requirements are issued as part of the tender documentation to successful bidders.