How could a Russian company get in touch with a tenderer to be involved as a potential subcontractor?
Composition of tenderers is confidential, and may not be disclosed. When the tender is awarded, information on the winner is published on the site.Russian companies may register in the potential contractors’ and vendors’ database.
What sources publish information on pre-qualification of vendors/ contractors and on tenders held?
Information on pre-qualification of vendors/ contractors and on tenders held by SDAG are published in the Trubine newspaper and on the Company site.
Will a company be considered a Russian manufacturer when such company assembles a product in Russia using Russian labor and Russian brand, but using foreign-made components?
When the scope of foreign-made components in the final product does not exceed 40%, such company may be considered a Russian company.
Is there any fixed percentage of Russian participation in the Shtokman project?
A fixed percentage or a norm for Russian Content in the project is not defined. In line with the Partnership Agreement Shtokman Development AG is committed to give preference to Russian companies provided competitive conditions are offered. SDAG practical approach is maximization of Russian Content wherever possible. The long-term strategy is to create conditions for the growth of competitiveness of the Russian enterprises through international cooperation and transfer of know-how and technologies to Russia for further continental shelf development projects.
How to learn about tender winners and how to contacts them?
Shtokman Development AG will publish the winners under a correspondent section after contract awards.
Will Shtokman Development AG purchase products/equipment/services and machinery directly from Russian contractors?
SDAG mainly announces tenders for EPC contracts. Procurement shall be performed by SDAG main contractors on a subcontractor basis. Shtokman Development AG will pursue its strategy to maximize where possible Russian content in the project.
In what language should the requests for prequalification and information lists for prospective tenderers be filled by a Russian company?
Russian company is entitled to make a choice with regard to the language, either Russian or English.
Which events does SDAG organize for Russian companies and how can invitation to attend be received?
For details see Section Events and initiatives
How can a Russian company become subcontractor in the Shtokman project?
To become a subcontractor in the project the company can participate in tenders, register in SDAG Database and contact tender winners directly after their announcement.
How to learn about tender outcome?
The results of tenders will be published on SDAG official web-site under section Procurements
How are SDAG tenders conducted for Russian companies?
Russian companies participate in company tenders on equal terms with companies from other countries.
How to be included into SDAG Database of potential contractors and suppliers?
In order to be included into the Database it is necessary to fill out the application in section Registration of Russian companies. You can read about the Database in the relevant section.
What is the language of the Shtokman project?
Among the many languages spoken by various specialists of the project, the English language is acknowledged to be the working language. International partners and specialists being an integrated part of the Shtokman project, SDAG uses English for correspondence, documentation and technical data. This is dictated by the need for efficient project management and interrelation of specialists and companies at all levels.