Shtokman project

Development of the Shtokman gas and condensate field will create a basis for further harnessing the Arctic's offshore hydrocarbon potential, simultaneously strengthening Russia’s position as a key player not only on the European gas market but also on the global energy arena.

The gas produced by Shtokman will play a major part in natural gas supplies to the European and world markets. Shtokman has been described as a resource base for natural gas delivery via the Nord Stream pipeline to Western Europe, as well as the production of Russian LNG for subsequent sales on the Western European and North American markets.

Shtokman will ensure long-term supplies of hydrocarbons to Russia’s foreign partners and will become an important factor in maintaining energy security on the European continent.

Shtokman Gas Field

Here you can learn the story of its discovery and find some key characteristics.

Project Importance

Find out the impact it can have on Russia's and global energy security and the advantages it is going to bring to the Russian companies involved.

About the Project

This section outlines the complications such large-scale project might encounter and the ways they can be overcome.