From the beginning of the project, SDAG put one of its main objectives to be clear, transparent and efficient in its contractual strategies and procedures. Since that time, the Contracts and Procurement Directorate (C&P) ensures that contractual processes in SDAG are in line with such strategies and procedures, and strives to implement the best practices and international experience to obtain the best quality of services and works for its operations. C&P understands the great value and importance of the Russian Content for the success of the Project, therefore its procedures give wide opportunities for the Russian Market of Suppliers by means of holding open tenders through public announcements and giving maximum attention to the capabilities of the Russian industry. Treating all Tenderers equally, creating fair competition between foreign and Russian companies, will result into the highest quality of services provided by Russian suppliers. C&P Directorate pursues full compliance with Russian Federation Legislation together with other applicable legislations, used in the Company for contract and procurement activities.

Please address your questions related to procedural issues to the Procurement Directorate:
Ph. +7 (495) 777 06 80.

Please note that questions related to specific purchases located on web site should be addressed to contact persons specified on the Notification page per specific purchase.