9 September 2013

Sports festival of “Shtokman Development AG”

By tradition, every year “Shtokman Development AG” organizes for its employees team building event aimed at team building and communication in an informal atmosphere. So, On September 7, 2013, in “Uletay” beach in Serebryanyi Bor a regular yearly “SDAG Olympics” were conducted.
By tradition the “Olympics” were opened by the winners of the last competition, which wished all the members fair fight and courage.
This year the competition included tests on physical conditions as well as intellectual games. The teams gave everything to collect points in interesting trivia, scholarship and knowledge not only the history of SDAG but modern music as well. Within the outdoor activities the members tried each other’s strength by playing darts, reveal their strength on force meter and demonstrate their athletic performance on a chinning bar.
The “SDAG Olympics” were held for the third time already, and each time the teams show better results, become more team-oriented and display skills required to achieve our common tasks.