24 July 2013

SDAG cleaned Teriberka territory of rubbish

“Shtokman Development AG” charitable project on Teriberka settlement streets cleaning of rubbish was completed on July 22, 2013. The Project of hard domestic waste removal from unauthorized stocking sites approved and supported by the Teriberka Municipal Administration and local population was included to the Plan of activities within the frame of SDAG Environmental Year and stated in the Ecological Declaration signed by the Management of the Murmansk Region in June of this year.
200m3 of solid wastes were removed from the unauthorized dump “45 km” which had been used during 25 years at the settlement territory. Two trucks of 22 and 28m3 capacities were used for waste removal. Each truck made 10 rides during 5 working days. The contractor found the pots with construction materials covered by rubbish. However it did not interfere with work and all rubbish was disposed to the solid waste landfill in Pervomayskiy administrative district of Murmansk, Drovyanoye settlement located 128km from Teriberka
Shtokman Development AG does the best to minimize negative impact on the environment of Teriberka used existing resources. It is one of the main current goals of SDAG as Company-Operator to be operated in the local settlement area. The special attention Shtokman Development AG gave to the complex approach not only rubbish and waste removal but also waste treatment. The publicity event on prevention of cleaned territory pollution is planned within the frame of this project.