5 April 2013

Shtokman Development AG CEO Alexey Zagorovskiy congratulates Kirill Molodtsov with his new appointment

Alexey Zagorovskiy, Chief Executive Officer of Shtokman Development AG, has congratulated Kirill Molodtsov, until recently a Vice-President of our Company, with his new appointment as Deputy Minister of Energy of Russia.

In its congratulatory appeal Shtokman Development AG states that this event signifies major hopes the Russian state has vested in Kirill Molodtsov with the view of developing the national oil and gas complex. His skills and special competences acquired in our Company will beyond doubt be helpful now for the benefit of the whole industry.

‘While Mr. Molodtsov worked with us, he established a constructive interaction with the Russian authorities in terms of rectifying the legislation on Arctic shelf development’, said A.Zagorovskiy. ‘I am sincerely happy on Kirill’s behalf, and I am sure that we are going to continue our fruitful joint efforts on implementing projects in the Russian continental shelf.’