26 January 2012

“Shtokman Viewed by the Press” Regional Contest Closed in Murmansk

26 January saw the closing ceremony of the “Shtokman Viewed by the Press” regional contest organized by Shtokman Development AG and the Department of Information and Media Relations Policy of Murmansk Region Administration.

The regional contest was aimed to bring the facts and current events related to the development of Shtokman gas-condensate field under the notice of journalistic community. Fourteen representatives of the regional media who took part in the contest have presented their materials published in press or broadcasted on TV and radio. In all, 37 works were reviewed by the members of the panel of judges.

The winners of “Shtokman — the vector of Murmansk Region development” nomination were Yuri Banko (newspaper Polyarnaya Pravda), Natalya Savinykh (newspaper Na Strazhe Zapolyarya) and Rodon Severyanov (TV-21). The first place winner in “Shtokman, the socially responsible project” nomination was a journalist of the local newspaper Murmanskiy Vestnik Yuniya Valamina and Olga Rybak, the correspondent of the newspaper Na Strazhe Zapolyarya, won the second place.

Also, the organizers have created a special award for “Active involvement in Shtokman Project media coverage” for the journalists who presented the largest number of materials at the contest.