23 December 2011

A language laboratory opened and the gym renovated in Lodeininskaya school (Murmansk Region) with a financial support of Shtokman Development AG

According to the Program of implementing socially important projects in the regions of presence Shtokman Development AG provided support to the local Lodeininskaya school (Teriberka settlement, Murmansk Region) in opening of a specialized language laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. The language laboratory is designed for 16 pupils. The audio equipment provides an autonomous learning process for each pupil and allows holding classes in several subjects for pupils of different age.

Establishing of special language lab should enhance the quality of education in Lodeininskaya school, as well as improve language skills of school graduates in case of entering colleges and universities being a potential skill pool for the Shtokman Project. As a multinational company Shtokman Development AG assesses foreign language skills, including English language, as one of key requirements to specialists employed in international oil & gas projects.

Moreover in order to develop the social infrastructure of Teriberka settlement Shtokman Development AG performed a capital reconstruction and equipped Lodeininskaya school gym with sports and weight-lifting facilities. Installed facilities substantially expand power and cardio exercises, as well as sports games available to the visitors. The Lodeininskaya school gym is open to both school pupils, and all residents of Teriberka settlement.


Lodeininskaya school is a secondary public school located in Teriberka settlement, Kola district of Murmansk region. Currently 88 students attend Lodeininskaya school.