29 September 2011

Shtokman Development AG presented a stand in SevTEC-2011 exhibition in Murmansk

On September 28, the 7th International Exhibition SevTEC-2011 (Northern Fuel and Energy Production) was launched. This Exhibition will be opened till September 30.

SDAG stand decorated by the corporate colors and the plants of Kola Subarctic became one of the main attractions of this Exhibition. Company personnel engaged in the stand told the visitors about the unique features and technical nature of Shtokman project.

SDAG has been presenting its stand in SevTEC exhibition for consecutive three years.

Mr.Dmitrienko, Murmansk Governor, Mr.Nikora, Regional Parliament Chairman, Mr.Stratiy, the Chairman of Murmanshelf Association, and some other people visited the opening ceremony.

According to Mr.Dmitrenko, the number of participants increased greatly since this exhibition had been inaugurated which proves progressive advance of Murmansk Region. The Governor specially emphasized the importance of Shtokman Project implementation.

This year the key subjects of SevTEC-2011 are Shtokman gas condensate field development as well as development of Murmansk transport system and the Northern Sea Route.


SevTec exhibition is an efficient site for extending communication and improving the interfaces between the specialists engaged in various industries. Its main purposes are as follows: promote the development of fuel and energy sector, facilitate the efficient application of industrial potential, transport and infrastructure of the Russian Arctic.

This year over 100 Russian and Western companies, including Total, Statoil, Murmanshelf, Sevmach (Archangelsk Region), Start (Penza Region), Saturn-Gas Turbines (Yaroslavl Region), Severstal-Metiz (Vologda Region) and other companies and enterprises participated in this Exhibition. Canadian, Finnish, German, British, Norwegian companies were represented, including Canadian Embassy in Russia.