7 April 2011

Logistics Strategy for Shtokman Presented in Murmansk

On April 7th as part of the International Conference held in Murmansk “Logistics in Arctic” Shtokman Development AG presented its logistics strategy for Phase One of Shtokman gas-condensate field development.

The bottom line of the strategy is to prepare the most efficient, safe, and optimal schemes for delivery of personnel and cargo to Shtokman facilities using international experience and the state-of-the-art technologies. While selecting such logistics schemes, every nuance shall be considered such as a distance of the field from the shore line, sensitive environment and arctic climate, tight schedule of upcoming activities, strict observance of rigid norms and HSE rules.

Thousands of people, hundred thousands of tons of cargo shall be delivered to the location of future construction of offshore and onshore facilities. Only construction of the plant for liquefied natural gas (LNG) production will require 700 large dump trucks, which is twenty percent of the world truck fleet, and almost a hundred cranes of different lifting capacity. According to SDAG estimates around 1600 workers will be involved at the peak of the offshore construction. Approximately ten times more will be required for the construction of the LNG plant.

In the course of the presentation special attention was given to the development of construction camp to accommodate fifteen thousand workers for Phase One, as well as to transportation of the personnel to construction sites. It is supposed that only from Murmansk to Teriberka and back several thousand builders will commute weekly, and catering will require cooking 45 thousand meals a day for them.

Murmansk region will play a special role in the project implementation. SDAG intends to engage the staff potential of the region as well as to use opportunities of Murmansk enterprises, including transportation sphere.

“We highly appreciate the level of interaction with Murmansk region and continue a dialogue as part of the working group activities on the use of transport and logistics infrastructure of Murmansk region to optimize schemes and routes for delivery of cargo and personnel,” noted Stephane Mauduit, Head of SDAG Logistics and Marine Directorate, during the presentation.