18 February 2011

Shtokman Development AG experts estimated the capacity of Murmansk region universities in terms of personnel training

February 16-17, 2011 Petrozavodsk State University Kola Branch hosted the meeting of Murmansk region Government and Shtokman Development AG joint work group dedicated to the specialists training program development for Shtokman gas-condensate field development project.

In course of the meeting the issues of specialists training and retraining system development on the basis of regional universities were discussed with a view to form personnel potential of the project including medical service specialists for SDAG employees servicing in Teriberka village. February 17 an open lecture on “Personnel policy for Shtokman Project Phase I” for the students of Petrozavodsk State University Kola Branch and the persons concerned took place. The lecture was given by the head of Shtokman Development AG Human Resources Department Vladimir Penkin.

Such meetings are becoming traditional. Shtokman Development AG is interested in young, promising and ambitious specialists. SDAG cooperation with regional universities is the Company’s top priority in the policy of reliable personnel resources formation for the realization of the large-scale Project in Russian Arctic — Shtokman gas — condensate field development. For the implementation of such a large-scale Project a big number of highly experienced specialists in various spheres is needed. That is why Shtokman Development AG management holds the number of meetings with the representatives of the largest regional institutional establishments on the issues of personnel provision for Shtokman project.