31 January 2011

Capacity of the Murmansk companies to dispose the offshore production and consumption waste assessed by the Shtokman Development AG environmental specialists

Solid consumption waste disposal plant and several specialized companies involved in contaminated fluids and mercury arc lamps reclamation were visited last week (within period 26.01.2011-27.01.2011) by group of SHTOKMAN DEVELOPMENT AG (SDAG) environmental experts jointly with their colleagues from OOO GAZPROMDOBYCHASHELF and their subcontractors.

It was noted by Deputy Engineering Manager for Environment, Marat SHAIFULLIN that, according to the experts estimates, practically all solid production and consumption waste generated at the initial stage of the SHTOKMAN project could be comprehensively disposed by existing specialized companies located in the Murmansk and Kola regions provided, however, their full technical consistency with both Russian and international ecological safety standards.

The only exception applies to some types of waste liquid, slurry and salts which are to be re-circulated, according to the SDAG plans, through implementation of clean state-of-the-art technologies.

In the nearest future the Company shall begin working out requirements to be established to waste disposal plants. This exercise shall be performed within the framework of activities carried out by joint working team composed of SDAG experts and representatives of the Murmansk Oblast Government for Ecology and Land Tenure Regulations.