14 September 2010

Shtokman Development AG is holding in Arkhangelsk International Workshop on Professional Training and HR Development for Implementation of Shtokman Project

Today in Arkhangelsk at the Northern (Arctic) Federal University an International Workshop commenced on professional training and personnel development to implement project of Shtokman gas-condensate field development. Workshop is held under the auspices of the Government of Arkhangelsk and Murmansk regions.

International workshop attracted more than 120 participants from Russia, France and Norway. Delegations from shareholders of Shtokman project — Total and Statoil, as well as from leading Russian and international educational institutions, which train specialists for work in oil and gas industry, have arrived to participate in the Workshop. These are the Russian state university of oil and gas named after Gubkin, universities of Murmansk, Ufa, Tyumen, French university of oil and gas, Marine Academy named after Makarov and other institutions.

The Workshop was opened by Vladimir Penkin, the Head of Shtokman Development AG HR Department. He talked on the current status of Shtokman project implementation and emphasized that safety training of specialists for work on projects of such level of complexity as Shtokman is one of key factor to the success of the whole project. “It is important to remember that bases of professional training for work offshore Arctic are being laid” Vladimir Penkin highlighted.

The Governor of Arkhangelsk region, Ilya Mikhalchuk, addressed the participants of the work-shop with a welcome speech. "We understand that modern world needs state-of-the-art personnel, this is also true for Shtokman, which is of the utmost importance for energy strategy of Russia until 2020. It is notable that at this point the efforts of the government, business, research and educational societies have been united. We confirm that Arkhangelsk region has each and every opportunity to become a launching site for the development of the Shtokman field. We are exerting all our efforts to achieve it“- he emphasized.

Elena Kudryashova, Principal of S(A) FU, also confirms this. “For us this Workshop is very valuable, as it lets us understand how to orient educational programs. Earlier we prepared specialists in compliance with national standards, but for such mega projects as Shtokman this is not always efficient. Today we have to target training of specialists for the specific project needs.”

All participants of the Workshop noted that this event became a splendid ground for discussion of the approach to train personnel for offshore work, and above all for exchange of information and experience between all parties concerned parties.

The workshop will be continued in the morning September 15 with presentation of opportunities of educational institutions, dealing with personnel training for oil and gas industry.