20 July 2010

Working visit of Shtokman Development AG delegation to Arkhangelsk region

The delegation of Shtokman Development AG headed by Alexey Zagorovsky, Chief Executive Officer, paid a working visit to Arkhangelsk region, as part of which a meeting was held with Ilya Mikhalchuk, the Governor of Arkhangelsk region.

Possibilities to use opportunities and resources of Arkhangelsk region during Shtokman project implementation were discussed in the course of the meeting. Special attention was given to involvement of scientific and human resources potential of the region in the Shtokman project.

The visit resulted in signature of the Agreement on Cooperation between Shtokman Development AG and the Government of Arkhangelsk region, which envisions creation of joint work groups in the following areas:

  • cooperation in the area of communications with the mass media of Arkhangelsk region;
  • involvement of Arkhangelsk region companies into the Project;
  • development of the system to train and upgrade specialists in Arkhangelsk region to meet HR requirements of the Project;
  • use of transport and logistics infrastructure of Arkhangelsk region;
  • use of power supply system of Arkhangelsk region.
Ilya Mikhalchuk has underlined that the development of the Shtokman Field is the strategic project for the region. "Shtokman is the key economic Project for Arkhangelsk Region. It is important for us to create comfortable working conditions for the Project participants. We are ready to act in this direction, including the creation of an individual department or ministry that will deal exclusively with the Project and create favorable conditions for its realization,"- said the Head of the Region.