24 June 2010

Shtokman Development AG held technical meeting with russian valves manufacturers

On June 24 in its Moscow office Shtokman Development AG held a technical meeting with Russian manufacturers of pipeline valves and the Scientific-Industrial Association of Valve Manufacturers. The objective was to provide detailed information to Russian plants on technical peculiarities of pipeline valves to be used at Onshore and Offshore facilities of the Shtokman project Phase 1. Over 50 Russian companies participated in the meeting.

Mr. Alexei Zagorovskiy, Chief Executive Officer of the Shtokman Development AG welcomed members of the meeting, thanked all representatives for attending the meeting and expressed hope that the Russian industry will take active part in Phase 1 of the Shtokman Project, which shall serve the launching pad for their participation in consecutive phases. “Maximum application of equipment and services created in Russia — one of the major requirements of the Shtokman Development AG to its contractors” — Mr. Alexei Zagorovskiy noted.

Mr. Ivan Ter-Mateosiants, Executive Director the Scientific-Industrial Association of Valve Manufacturers also addressed the meeting. The spokesman underlined its importance, and expressly noted the openness and transparency of the approach of the Shtokman Development AG to the Russian content in development of the Shtokman Field.