14 September 2009

Shtokman Development AG to organize business meetings between Russian oil and gas sector and world industry leaders

In the course of the conference RAO CIS Offshore 2009 that will take place in St.Petersburg 15-18 September 2009, Shtokman Development AG will organize business meetings between Russian contractors and potential International EPC contractors.

The purpose of the meetings is to create a platform for the greatest possible involvement of Russian contractors in the Shtokman Project and to determine forms of cooperation between Russian and foreign contractors so as to enhance the capabilities and service potential of Russian companies associated with oil and gas service industry.

During the meetings the participants will be brought up-to-date on how the Shtokman Project is progressing, as well as updating on the scope of work, top priorities and contract and tender procedures and requirements.

Russian companies’ representatives will have a chance to discuss with the world industry leaders the opportunities to work together within Phase One of the Shtokman Project.

The meetings will be held in two stages: On 16 September they will focus on Shtokman offshore facilities, while 17 September will be dedicated to the onshore. Over 100 Russian oil and gas industry companies will take part in the event.


Since October 2008 Shtokman Development AG has been continuously arranging meetings with Russian oil and gas sector companies in Moscow, Murmansk and Arkhangelsk. By this day 15 such events have been organized.

Shtokman is a unique project in terms of scale and technological complexity that has required the consolidation of engineering capabilities and technical potential of Russian and foreign contractor companies, as well as using the best of the industry’s expertise.