Shtokman Development AG is actively working with the youth of Teriberka village. It implements the projects for promotion of physical training, sports and healthy lifestyle.

In April 2010 schoolchildren of Teriberka village received a gift from Shtokman Development AG: 100 sets of warm winter sportswear for outdoor activities. With the support of Shtokman Development AG the Saami NatureProtection Fund held a tender for production of the sportswear. It engaged Saami craftswomen to develop the design. The stylized elements of Saami ornaments provided an outstanding individual look to the sportswear elements.

On the occasion of the sportswear delivery ceremony a great sports event was held at the snow-covered Potable Lake near Teriberka school. All schoolchildren and teachers gathered for the celebration. The strongest of them competed in the ski race, and the remaining participants supported their classmates. The winners got honourable awards.