Sustainable development policy

Shtokman Development AG since its setting up seeks to promote sustainable development of regions, directly linked to implementation of Integrated Development of Shtokman Gas-Condensate Field.

Above regions first and foremost include Murmansk and Archangelsk Region, Nenets Autonomous District, as well as Northwest Federal District of the Russian Federation as a whole.

In the course of Project implementation Shtokman Development AG will ensure a long-term socio-economic growth and ecological compliance within Company Operations areas.

On December 2, 2011 Shtokman Development AG Key Principles of Corporate Social Responsibility were approved by Company’s Operations Committee.

Shtokman Development AG undertakes commitment to contribute sustainable development, application of the integrated approach with regard to the social, economic and environmental aspects of its activities in accordance with the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

Shtokman Development AG Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (PDF, 274.4 KB)