Consultations with NGOs

Shtokman Development AG is developing the Shtokman Project in liaison with all the stakeholders, which allows the Company to disclose and discuss the major environmental safety issues in an open and timely manner. The Company holds consultations with the regional environmental and non-governmental organisations, including but not limiting to the environmental organisations from Murmansk region and representatives of the Northern indigenous minorities.

In September 2009 Shtokman Development AG entered into an Agreement of Intent with the Russian Branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF Russia) which was further renewed in 2010. In September 2011 The Kola Wildlife Preservation Centre joined this Agreement.

Engagement of the leading environmental organisations of Russia in the Shtokman Project assures independent ecological assessment of the project design solutions. Among SDAG partners are FRECOM LLC, «Arctic Maritime Engineering Geological Expeditions» AMEGE JSC, All-Russia Scientific Research Institute of Fishery and Oceanography (VNIRO), Polar Scientific Research of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography (PINRO), Murmansk Territorial Administration on Hydrometeorology and Environment Monitoring, TYFOON Scientific Production Organisation, Murmansk Marine Biological Institute, etc.