Public hearings

Shtokman Development AG holds consultations with public and non-governmental environmental organizations on a regular basis. Public hearings are mandatory condition for approval of the Shtokman project design solutions by both Russian government authorities and international financial institutions.

Shtokman Development AG runs public hearings based on both Russian (OVOS) and international (EISHA) standards:

  • August 2009 — Kick-off discussion of ESHIA work program;
  • September 2009 — Public hearings on program of geotechnical work in the Teriberka Bay area;
  • May 2010 — Public hearings on offshore part of the project (OVOS);
  • August 2010 — Public consultations within the scope of international financial institutions requirements (ESHIA);
  • February 2011 — Public hearings on onshore start-up complex facilities (GTU);
  • November 2011 — Public hearings on LNG plant and onshore infrastructure of the Project.

The result of Shtokman Development AG environmental safety activities in 2009 — 2010, is a positive conclusion of the State Ecological Expertise for the Offshore facilities.

Calendar of public hearings