Career guidance for young people

Shtokman Development AG actively assists students in choosing their professional career. To this end, Shtokman Development AG participates in annual job fairs, holds meetings with students at leading Russian universities, and provides opportunities for internship with the Company

Job fairs

Since 2009 Shtokman Development AG traditionally participates in the Gubkin Oil and Gas State University annual Job Fairs.

Those autumn and spring Job Fair are attended by first to fifth year students, those doing a master’s degree, and graduates of Gubkin and other universities — young specialists, professors, and other visitors.

Meetings with students

The Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas

Murmansk State Technical University

On December 21, 2010 a career guidance meeting was held by members of the Human Resources Department for students at Murmansk State Technical University.

Head of the HR Department gave a lecture entitled «The Strategy of Human Resource Development for Offshore Fields», outlining the opportunities for professional development and career progression in SDAG.

The students were keen to hear what the Company expects from its employees and the basic merits and abilities they need to possess in order to achieve success:

  • Leadership
  • Decisionmaking ability
  • Ability to learn
  • Teamwork skills
  • Self-discipline

The students were also encouraged to take part in a competition for a Company internship.

The Arkhangelsk Northern Federal University

On September 13, 2010, during an international seminar on vocational and personnel training for implementation of the Shtokman gas condensate field development project, a meeting was held with students of the Archangel Northern Federal University.

More than 150 students took part.

Shtokman Development AG was represented Head of the Human Resources Department and Head of the Facilities Preparation and Commissioning Division of the Onshore Facilities Construction Department , who described the engineering features and current status of the project and the Company’s personnel management strategy.

The students were given information about Shtokman Development AG’s need for administrative and technical specialists, the professional qualifications required from candidates, and career opportunities in the Company.

Graduates in Shtokman Development AG

Anastasia Lycheva — internship and work

«It was my last year at the Russian State Oil and Gas University when I had my internship in Shtokman Development AG. Now I work in this company and I am very happy about that. For me Shtokman Development AG is a unique place where several of my dreams came true as for any young specialist I think. This is an occupational work which is unfortunately quite rare nowadays. This is a very interesting Project uniting not only Russian but also foreign specialists. And this is of course a wonderful team where professionalism, mutual assistance and collaboration are not just words».

Ivan Narskiy — internship and work

«Each day during my internship was peculiar. I am very thankful to the Financial Department headed by Jane Nagy for help and assistance during my economic internship in Shtokman Development AG.

After I graduate, I would start my career in Shtokman with great pleasure. Shtokman — dreams will come true».

Dmitry Mushits — internship and work

«A month of internship in SDAG was the first experience of work in the company I have ever had. From the very beginning I was warmly welcomed by the helpful team who treated me as a real employee. I got to know the corporate culture of the Company and collaboration between the Departments. The acquired experience is very important for me, and I hope will help me in the future».

«As I have undergone the internship and was familiarized with baselines of work in the company, I could easily get used to work at my new work place and in my team whom I already knew. At this stage I acquired more serious skills of work in the company as I was performing the job duties of a tax consultant and learned some new issues from financial sphere. I would like to thank my managers and team members who rendered assistance and support to me at work».

Kirill Kosenko — internship and work

«In February 2010 I had my internship in Shtokman Development AG. During the internship I got familiarized with the Documents and Procurement Department line of activity and performed not only current but also more complicated tasks.

My duties were quite diverse and I could learn a lot and acquire a unique experience of work in the team and communication with colleagues not only in Russian but also in English.
The atmosphere in which I worked during my internship could be described as full of mutual understanding, warmness, and friendliness.

I would like to thank the whole Documents and Procurement Department staff for understanding, attention and support. And I am thankful to Shtokman Development AG in a whole for the unique possibility to feel part of a bigger and friendly team».

Gleb Ivantsov — internship and work

«Probably any path that you want to pass successfully and with benefit not only for yourself but also for the others should be started with small steps.

The internship in Shtokman Development AG changed my attitude to this element of students’ life completely — 2 months were quite dynamic and interesting there was no necessity to look for additional stimuli as I was interested in challenging work of SDAG employees, in tasks of the Project as a whole. I remember that during my last day of internship I realized I would do everything to come back here... More than half a year of successful work in the Company did not change my mind but strengthened certainty in the choice I have made. The nearest future of the Company — is a successful fulfillment of all tasks set before it and I would be glad to have art and part in it».

Dmitry Ivanov — internship and work

«Having worked in Shtokman Development AG for almost half a year I would like to note that Shtokman Development AG provides all necessary conditions for young specialists for maximum effective professional development: flexible work schedule that allows to combine studies and internship, constant control and activity assessment, support of initiatives and ideas of employees. Friendly and respectful atmosphere in the team which undoubtedly is one of the reasons for effective results of Company’s activities. I’m very happy to have the opportunity to work in SDAG»!