A successful candidate's profile

In order to gain employment and succeed in Shtokman Development AG, it is important to possess the following qualities, skills, and capabilities:

  • Leadership – the ability, readiness, and desire to achieve objectives, motivate and inspire others, and take responsibility for the result.

  • Capacity for independent decisionmaking – the ability to define and delineate the issues that require an independent decision or intervention by an immediate superior or colleagues, and willingness to take responsibility for decisions made.

  • Striving for professional development – the desire to be a top-level expert in your field, an understanding of the areas that require professional development and improvement, and a commitment to continuous learning, self-education, enhancement of personal professionalism, and the application of advanced knowledge on the job.

  • Ability to work in a team – the desire to be part of a cohesive team, to work together rather than in competition with each other, to share information, and to get involved in teamwork, achieving better results than when each member of the team works separately.

  • Self-discipline – responsibility, conscientiousness, the ability to organize your workload efficiently, respect for the Company's codes and rules, and polite and courteous behavior.