We are developing the most valuable resources on Earth — natural and human resources.

Knowing that investment in qualified personnel is the basis for long-term success, we are shaping a team of professionals, giving continuous thought to their career development, motivation, and social benefits and fostering a dedication to corporate values.

The fundamental principles of our Company’s operation are therefore

Common interests and development of a team — harmony

The personnel involved in project implementation come from various countries and cultures. Our people are seeking solutions to the most complex engineering, financial, managerial, and other issues. The chief prerequisites for the project’s success are a common goal and a strong team to achieve it. The Company therefore works to create and maintain harmony among its personnel, conduct effective communications, and dovetail individual goals and corporate interests.

Valuing the individual — responsibility

Each Company employee is a unique personality with a unique character and his or her own outlook on personal life and work. The Company takes a responsible, caring, and respectful attitude to each and every employee, whatever position they hold, and endeavors to assist them in their professional and personal development and their daily work.

Investment in personnel — progressiveness

The Company puts great focus on the professional training and development of its employees and their career planning. To this end, the Company uses modern methods of personnel assessment and conducts training courses, seminars, workshops, and master classes on professional topics.